Leveraging Social Media for Trade Shows

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Trade shows are a great way to increase customer interaction with clients. Meeting attendees face-to-face helps develop a personal connection beyond the brand name. So how can a planner leverage social media to increase that interaction at trade shows?
A great way to increase traffic is announcing the trade show on Twitter. This is an excellent way to increase interest in the trade show beforehand. Create a unique hashtag to easily monitor how much interest the trade show generates. This will also help distinguish normal messaging from trade show specific messaging.
Don’t limit yourself to just one social media account. Generate buzz during the event by posting photos to Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites. Keep attendees interested by announcing things such as door prizes and special deals. These are great ways to increase traffic to a certain booth or specific areas of the trade show floor.


What other ways can planners use social media to increase trade show traffic?

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