Let’s Get Down to Business

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Hosting a corporate event doesn’t have to mean all work and no play.  The Balance has creative ideas for all types of corporate events that will keep attendees excited and engaged. Here are a few we think will be fun for the whole office!

  • Move the Meeting- Don’t host your event in your office building! Move the meeting to a different venue away from the cubicles when you can. This change in scenery can be refreshing for staff and help promote new ideas or showcase a product launch.
  • Fresh Air- A get-together in an outdoor space is a perfect idea to bring people together. Gather your staff on an outdoor pavilion (like the one we have at MEET) to complete team bonding exercises or to simply have a dinner party.
  • Change the Dress Code- Invite your staff to attend the event in business casual or casual clothing. This idea can create less of a work environment, making the event less like an average office meeting.

What are some of your favorite event ideas to incorporate when hosting a corporate gathering? Let us know in the comments section!


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