Knock Down Networking Barriers

By April 17, 2014 TAGS:    ,   ,   
Events are the perfect environment for networking and turning chance meetings into lifelong connections on both a personal and professional level. Event Manager has some awesome suggestions for encouraging networking among attendees at your next event. Our favorites are:
  • Nix the Name Badges: Removing these badges can force you to initiate introductions and lead to people speaking to each other more and a more informal tone.
  •  Structure Networking: You can’t just assume networking will happen organically. Build in items to your event to encourage it, such as a “first-time attendee” or “young professionals” event or special session. 
  • Place Speakers Among Attendees: Having your speakers sit among the crowds during your event when they are not presenting can make them appear much more approachable to your attendees and encourage networking later on.


Check out the rest of the list and let us know what you think. Do you do anything special at your events or meetings to promote networking?

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