Kick-Off Fall with 5 Decorating Concepts

By September 18, 2018

This weekend marks the official beginning of the autumn season. If you’re having trouble deciding on elements that incorporate the season into your events, the catersource blog has 15 ideas to help you out. Here are five fall-inspired ideas at the top of our charts.

  1. Leaves– Something as simple as adding fall leaves to your table runner can create an elegant impact on your decorations. Find leaves that have the typical fall colors and tie them to the end of the table runner.
  2. Popcorn Station- Creating a station with loads of different flavors like caramel, cheese, or pumpkin spice popcorn is a great way for attendees to snack while at your event.
  3. Mums- This traditional autumn flower looks beautiful when incorporated into a rustic centerpiece.
  4. Meal Options- Serve foods that are ripest in the fall season or that have traditional fall colors. Options like grilled squash, pumpkin pie, and sautéed yellow bell peppers can be great choices.
  5. Pumpkins- Fall isn’t really fall without pumpkins. Place real or fake small pumpkins as centerpieces on tables surrounded by candles or other lights.

Are you exited to host fall events? Let us know your favorite fall decorating concept in the comments below.