Keys to Google AdWords for Event Promotion

By July 15, 2016

“Google it,” has become a key phrase for everyone in this century, and it can be an event planners best friend when promoting an event. To assist you with your event promotion, we have come up with some key tips for utilizing Googe AdWords with the help of Marketing software provider, Attend:

  1. The ad should be linked to your event registration page, not the website homepage. You don’t want to make site visitors hunt down information on the event.
  2. Set up an account for your landing/registration page through Google AdWords in order to receive accurate stats on separate campaigns.
  3. When selecting keywords or phrases, keep it simple with very literal, direct words.
  4. Use a target keyword in the headline of your ad to pull the searchers attention to your link rather than a competitors.

If you need a little more assistance on what exactly Google Adwords does, Bizzabo has put together The Event Marketer’s Google AdWords Crash Course just for you. Share your experiences with Google AdWords promotion in the comments below.

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