Keeping Events Safe with Cyber Security

By February 5, 2015 TAGS:    ,   
The digital era has been a blessing to many event professionals, but it’s also presented challenges as well. With events relying more on digital support, it’s important to focus on how to keep information safe.
Digital data is everywhere, from emails with sensitive event information such as budgets, to attendee lists. All of this data is critical to protect not only the event, but attendee privacy as well. featured an excellent article about the importance of cyber security. The article addresses three areas of concern:
  • Event Wi-Fi access. Do you know how your Wi-Fi is provided? Is access free and open, or password encrypted?
  • Identity theft. How do you ensure your attendees are protected from attacks via portable cell phone towers?
  • Event kiosks. USB ports offer cyber attackers easy access to critical information. How can you prevent that from happening?

Cyber security is an ever-increasing area of concern for event professionals. How are you ensuring that your events are safe from cyber attacks?

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