It Pays to Go Green

By January 18, 2019

Events with an eco-friendly approach are often assumed to be more expensive, but this myth doesn’t have to be a reality. Save your event’s green when you go green with these helpful tips:

  1. Go Paperless –Stop printing all those tickets and registration packets as they can increase your cost and often just get thrown out. Instead direct your attendees to download an app where they can view the schedule and other registration info on their cell phone. You can even send their tickets electronically and have them scanned at the registration line to save time, money, and trees!
  2. Public Transportation – At some point, your attendees will want to venture out and explore the city where your event is taking place. Encourage the use of public transit over rental cars, taxis, or ride sharing services by sending out an email with places they can visit using public transit services. Be sure to include ticket costs and route information. Not only will your attendees save money, but you’ll help keep their carbon footprint low during your event to a minimum.
  3. Local Produce – Communicate with your caterer or head chef in advance and let them know you’d like to keep your meals locally sourced. Using ingredients obtained from local farmer’s markets or farms supports the local economy and ensures your meals will be fresh and healthy. Use this season food guide website to help you find local produce in-season in your area during any time of year.

It may take some extra time to research the best way for your event to go green but it isn’t as tricky or pricey as you may think.