Inspire your Attendees toward Action

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A meeting planner faces several challenges. These challenges include encouraging attendee participation, staying within the budget, and more. Of course, the ultimate goal of a meeting is to inspire attendees to take what they learn and apply it.

How can a planner ensure that they inspire their audience toward action?
A great article from delves into the seven areas that determine inspiration. A few of their examples include:
Create a vision for what the meeting is supposed to achieve. Lay out a path for how to achieve the goals you’re meeting about in the first place.
Establish a clear purpose of why the meeting is important. The more attendees understand why the meeting will help them, the more likely they are to be inspired.
Include attendees in the decision-making process. This will communicate that decisions are made with the utmost consideration for all parties involved.
There are just a few ways to inspire meeting participants toward action. What are some other ways to inspire meeting attendees toward action?

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