Increasing the Effectiveness of Meetings

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Keeping attendees interested during a meeting is a balancing act. Planners need to meet the expectations of the client while also keeping the attendees engaged. How can a planner deliver a great experience for both client and attendee?
For starters, a planner should ask the meeting stakeholders about their goals. The reasoning behind this is to find more specific answers than educating the attendees or providing a great networking opportunity. More precise goals will ensure that attendees know exactly what they’re getting beyond continuing education in their field and keeping the stakeholders involved in the process.
Allow attendees time to interact with others. Give them time to discuss what they’ve learned with their fellow attendees. Don’t bombard them with session after session with no time to decompress and reset. Throwing information at attendees and expecting them to absorb it all in one course is a recipe for disengagement.
What other ways can planners increase the effectiveness of meetings?

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