Increasing the Effectiveness of eRFP Submissions

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The request for proposal process can be a long and tedious game. Although eRFPs have made the process quicker, it has also presented its own challenges.

Fortunately, offers a few tips on how to alleviate some of the stress of the eRFP process. Their tips include:
  • If possible, have the destination already in mind before sending an eRFP. This will help you budget more effectively and find out how easy it is for attendees to travel to the event.
  • Limit your potential destinations. Ideally, three cities is the most you should consider.
  • Limit the number of venues you consider at each destination. This will help relieve stress, and get you focused on finding the correct venue for your event.


These few tips are critical to helping you reduce the stress of the eRFP process. How have you prevented stress when sending out an eRFP?

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