Incorporate Engaging Art at your Events To Excite Crowds

By December 24, 2018

Live digital event artwork [created with lasers or projectors is exciting to see, however art produced the “old-fashioned way” still has the power to make a big impression on your attendees.  Check out three easy ways to incorporate interactive art elements into your events that will keep your attendees engaged and entertained:

  1. Live Sketch ArtistsLive sketch artists simultaneously create their designs as your speaker presents and provide a colorful and creative way to portray a topic through visual representation. It can be a fun way to help attendees remember key ideas from a presentation as they follow along with the artist. For this reason, these artists usually work next to the presenter where their designs can be easily viewed by the audience.
  • Graffiti– If you have a blank space and want something truly unique, EVENT MB says you should consider hiring a local graffiti artist. This brings something creative to your event with artwork typically seen outside and lets attendees have fun watching a graffiti artist up close at work.
  • Coloring Walls – Let your attendees feel like a kid again with giant coloring walls! Create an image unique for your event in black and white and then allow attendees to fill it in with color with nearby crayons, highlighters, and more.  Just like a giant coloring book, this interactive level of art brings your attendees together to engage with one another and showcase their creativity. Check out some of the many different styles of coloring walls from Fancy Features.

Have you incorporated an interactive art element into your events? Let us know how your attendees enjoyed it in the comment section below.[