Icebreaker Tags Make Networking Easy

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What if you could change that typical first question at networking events to something more creative and fun? How about instead of a cliché question, the first thing someone wants to talk about is “If you could induct one new word into the dictionary it would be…”

Icebreaker Tags is a website that helps you or your attendees make name tags that create an excellent conversation starting point. And, it’s free! The tags include your name and a question of your choosing. Optionally, you can add an image, such as your logo or a picture, to the name tag. You or your event attendees can write their answer to the question on the tag and start networking!

For ideas on questions to put on your name tags, check out the Icebreaker Tags Flicker pool. Don’t forget to add a photo of your Icebreaker Tag while you’re at it!

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