I Saw the Sign

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Catching your attendee’s attention starts from the moment they arrive at the venue.  Event professionals will want to provide signage that will draw in a crowd and correlate to the theme at hand.  Biz Bash has 15 ideas for entertaining and eye-catching event signage. Here are a few options that we think attendees will appreciate seeing.

  • Illuminated Letters– Use light up letters to literally spell out what you want your attendees to see on the outside of your event. This is a quick and attention grabbing way to get your point across immediately.
  • Symbols– Large symbols instead of words can get the point across just as well, but it takes on a more creative approach.
  • Projection– Place your logo/product on the side of the building so that attendees can see it from the street and will know where to go for the party!
  • Colors– Match the color scheme to your signage to create a cohesive structure that is pleasing to the eye.

What are some ideas that you have used for signage in the past?  Let us know in the comments section below!payroll lights


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