How to Use Your Google + Page

By June 20, 2012


      We have already told you why your company should have a Google + page, now we will give you some tips on what to do to get your page started and gain followers.
  1. Create a redirect or shortened URL for your page. Google+ Page web addresses are “” followed by a long string of random numbers and letters. Use one of the many free services that can shorten a URL for you and make your Google+ Page URL something that people can easily remember. 
  2.  Start posting content on your Google + page. The goal of your page should be to get people to add you to their circle.  Once you are in someone’s circle you have officially opened the lines of communication on Google+. 
  3.  Directly connect your Google + page to your website. By doing so, you are making your page easier for your audience to find and interact with your brand on Google +.  To add a badge requires a simple piece of code. Visit Google for instructions.
  4. Now that you have followers, use circles to send your audience only what they are interested in. Circles make it easy to group them in ways that make the most sense to your business, such as location, interest and more. Share the right messages with the right circles to make your content more relevant.

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