How to Handle Full Sessions

By August 20, 2015 TAGS:    ,   
It happens on occasion. A great speaker draws a huge crowd, and some attendees miss out because there’s no more room. How can you accommodate or solve this issue?
Bartizan Connects offered a few solutions to deal with this exact situation. They include:
  • Be proactive. Add a disclaimer in the event brochure for attendees to arrive early because the session is expected to fill up quick.
  • Technology is your friend. Setup a push notification on your event app to notify your attendees when a session is full, and a list of alternative sessions they can attend.
  • Plan additional sessions with the speaker. Ask them if they’d be willing to offer an additional session.


These suggestions will help alleviate the stress of attendees upset that they were excluded from a full session. What other ways have you accommodated attendees when a session is full?

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