How to Create a Socially Distanced Tradeshow or Expo

By July 2, 2020

Trade shows are a great way for attendees of conference events to network with vendors and learn about new products. As more events are being brought back after COVID-19 quarantine, it is important to implement proper safety measures to keep attendees and vendors safe at expo hall events. Use our four tips to ensure a beneficial (and healthy) event for vendors and attendees.

1. Allot time slots for guests

To prevent overcrowding, designate time slots for attendees to select when registering for the event. Cap each time slot at an amount that takes into consideration the number of attendees AND exhibitors that will be present in the expo at a given time. Make sure you create time slots that provide attendees with enough time to visit enough vendors.

2. Extend the event hours

If you’re limiting the amount of people in the expo hall at a time, consider extending the hours or even the number of days of the event to allow more guests to participate in your tradeshow event.

3. Create directional lanes

Use tape and signage to create one-way directional lanes for attendees to follow while they’re in your expo hall. This will create a standard flow of traffic within the venue and help reduce the number of people that will potentially cross paths with your attendees.

4. Space Booths Out

This one may seem like a given, but place expo booths further away from one another to ensure each vendor has enough space to keep a safe distance from attendees and other exhibitors.

5. Hygienic Goodie bags

Provide guests with a goodie bag when they arrive at your event that includes items like travel-sized hand sanitizer, custom facemasks featuring the tradeshow’s theme, disposable gloves, or hand wipes they’ll be able to use throughout the event.

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