How Sweet it is

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According to Forbes, the average American consumes about 130 pounds of sugar every year! Biz Bash has 14 sweet ways to display desserts (and curve your sweet tooth craving) at your next gathering. Here are a few ideas that we could simply can’t resist.

  • Illuminated Table with Jars– Whether it’s a corporate meeting or a bridal shower, your guests will love seeing different shaped vases filled to the brim with confections. Choose candies that will match your event color scheme as a way to tie everything together.
  • Candy Stations– Evoke the feelings of nostalgia in your guests by setting up candy stations. Your guests will feel like a kid in a candy store as they get to choose their own treats!
  • Bakery Style Display– Put all of the desserts or pastries for the event in a bakery style display case. This is an easy way to make desserts look presentable, and it entices guests to walk towards the display.

Would you try out any of these ideas to display your desserts?  Let us know the best display you have seen at an event in the comments section below!dessert1

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