High Expectations, Low Budget

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As an event planner, it is your duty to stay within budget and go above the call of duty to cut costs for your clients. We have five ideas to help you stay under budget on your next event:

  1. Do not feel the need to have a sit down meal for every course. Change things up by having a standing reception for a night or two.
  2. Bring in your own technology equipment if you own it. Why pay for something you already have?
  3. Make sure you know all costs before booking with your venue. Delivery, setup and post-event storage are just a few hidden costs the venue may impose on you.
  4. Do not print off your speaker presentations. Paper can get expensive so go digital with everything.
  5. It never hurts to ask for a deal. See if the venue can give you a break on staff room rates if you’re having a substantial amount of guests.
Meetings & Conventions has a list of Top 25 Cost-Cutting Tips to also reference when planning an event.
Do you have any other ideas to stay in budget? Share them with us in the comments below.

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