Healthy Catering Choices Attendees Will Actually Eat Up

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Help your attendees keep their healthy new year’s resolutions with wellness-focused catering ideas that will leave them drooling. BizBash has gathered 14 tasty ideas that will help encourage a healthy lifestyle at your next event. Here are a few we think have your attendees reaching for seconds.

  1. Hydration Station– Invite guests to create their own infused water! Place ingredients like lemon, mint leaves, strawberries, and basil out on a table for guests to place in their water cups. Combinations such as lemon and mint can assist attendee’s immunity.
  2. Brain Boost– Foods such as almonds, walnuts, and oatmeal can provide the extra enhancement attendees need in the morning. Starting a day off with healthy options, instead of carbohydrate heavy sweets (like cinnamon rolls) will keep guests energized without the sugar crash.
  3. Mediterranean Mix– Create a table display that features assorted snacks from the Mediterranean. Options like olives, hummus, mozzarella and feta cheese, and pita chips can be a satisfying snack and a healthier alternative to the traditional chips and dip.

Have you planned an event that had healthy food options? Let us know some of the choices guests could choose from in the comments section!

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