Hassle-Free Catering With Mobile Meals

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Mobile catering is a great way to avoid the hassle of setting up and installing food at your events. Event Manager Blog has eighteen mobile food and drink options for catering that planners should consider for their next occasion. Take a look at some options we know will be an attendee favorite.

  • Ice Cream Truck– This is a great idea to have for both adults and children. These trucks can bring back a nostalgic feel making them a hit at any event.
  • Mobile Bar- Use a mini caravan to act as a holding place for glasses and bottles. Place buckets filled with beverages in front of the van so that guests can serve themselves.
  • Taco Truck- Tacos are a great option to serve because guests don’t need a plate in order to eat them. Plus, who can say no to a taco?

Have you planned an event that involved food or beverage trucks? Let us know what did or didn’t work for your event in the comments below.


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