Go Big with Mini Desserts

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There’s always room left for dessert after a large meal. Instead of going with a traditional dessert option, like a full-sized cake, try adding several mini desserts to your event’s menu. Event Manager Blog has 19 mini desserts that you should consider serving up at your next event.  Here are three options we think anyone with a sweet tooth can’t pass up.

  1. Bundt Cakes– Take the classic Bundt cake and make it tiny! Traditionally, the cake is messy but molding it into the miniature version will be the perfect size for guests and won’t require a plate.
  2. Macarons– These French treats are fun for everyone. You can have many varieties of flavors to please any pallet. Plus, the variety of flavors available come in a wide array of colors, making this treat appealing to the eye as well.
  3. Strawberry Cupcakes- Go for a cupcake that has a denser base layer so that less mess happens. These will turn into the perfect finger food desserts for attendees.

Selecting an option like those we’ve outlined above gives attendees more selections and makes for an easier clean up for you.  Everyone comes out a winner with these sweet mini morsels!

Have you ever used smaller desserts in place of the traditional sized ones at events? Let us know what your thoughts are on this fun idea in the comments!


French Macarons at the MEET Las Vegas re-branding party. 

Photo by Adam Frazier

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