Getting Down to Business with Pinterest

By February 28, 2013


Pinterest, an online inspiration pin board, has rapidly become one of the most visited social media sites. With the recent release of business accounts, the landscape of Pinterest is changing. So how can event and meeting planners use Pinterest to their advantage?
One thing a planner can do is start a business account. Planners can choose to create an entirely new account for their business, or convert their existing personal account. This will help planners establish their brand on Pinterest as well as separate personal boards from business boards.
Planners can also take advantage of Pinterest to collaborate with clients. Thanks to Pinterest, planners and clients can visually share their visions instead of relying solely on phone and email conversations. The ability to set up boards for a specific project will help reduce clutter and encourage interaction to nail down the final product.
What other advantages does Pinterest offer event and meeting planners?

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