Fun Food Stations

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Turn up the creativity at your next event with entertaining and enjoyable food stations. Event Manager Blog has 18 ways you can spice-up your meal choices. Not only do these options create minimal stress, but they are budget friendly as well.

Take a look at our top five options we think could be a fun addition to your next occasion.

  1. Donut Wall– Place donuts on pegs in a wall to create an exciting station where guests can enjoy picking their favorite donut off the wall.
  2. French Fry Bar– Crinkle, waffle, and wedge cut fries…oh my! Place these potatoes on the table in a little basket so that it makes it easy for attendees to grab their favorite and be on the go.
  3. Waffle Station– Who doesn’t love to make their own waffle? Guests will enjoy customizing their waffles with different toppings at the end of the waffle station. You could even add a custom logo imprint for your event to the waffle mold!
  4. Vegetable Shooters– Place celery, carrots, and any other vegetable you’d like in a cup with the dressing at the bottom. This idea is a fun take on a healthy favorite.
  5. LED Fruit Tree– Showcase your fruit by displaying it on a tall vertical display that you top with foliage to give the appearance of your very own tree! For an added bonus effect, place LED lights at the base your “tree trunk” so that it makes your fruit tree light up.

Which of these food stations would you try at your next event? Let us know in the comments section below.


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