Flower Power

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It’s time to step away from the customary perception of flowers and start presenting florals and plants as high-impact, multi-purpose event décor. Event Manager Blog has 18 event floral displays for maximum impact to incorporate into your next event. We’ve listed our five favorite ideas to give your event an edge.

  1. Shape Up- Hanging geometric shapes from the ceiling filled with different types of flowers will not only save space but add pizazz to an often overlooked space in a venue.
  2. Floral Table Ring- Place roses or other short stem cut flowers in a ring on circle tables. This creates an elegant vibe while being minimal.
  3. Creature Displays- Create a 2-for-1 with a floral display that can double as event décor. Shaping flowers and grass into animals is a photo op bound to earn you attendee posts to Instagram!
  4. Floral Wall- Countless celebrities have had floral walls at their events. This is great space filler and creates a gorgeous backdrop.
  5. Arches- Floral arches can be a focal point while saying “I do”. Using the same type of flowers in your centerpieces and in your arch makes for an overall cohesive design.

What is your favorite way to use flowers and plants at events? Let us know in the comments section! 



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