Finding Your Magic Number for Event Catering

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Ensuring the correct amount of food and beverages for an event can be a tricky task, even for the most advanced event planners.  Cancellations, plus-ones, and attendees who didn’t RSVP are situations which are almost unavoidable.  Eventinterface has four rules every event professional should consider when preparing to order the amount of food and beverages for a conference. Here are some reminders to keep handy:

  • Audience– Who is your event for? Answering a question like this will help you plan for the type of food your event needs, whether it’s finger foods or a sit down meal.
  • Guest Count– How many attendees are you hosting? RSVPs will be a key role in determining how much food to order, so make it urgent that your guests send in the RSVPs. Then plan for at least 5% over this number.
  • Magic Number– Every event professional orders differently, but there are ‘formulas’ out there to help you figure out food and drink counts. To take some of the guesswork out, use a tool like’s in-depth food and beverage quantities guide.

Do you have a secret trick you use when ordering food and beverages for an event? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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