Finding the Right Fit with a Wedding Package

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There are two types of people in the world. Those who have been planning their wedding since they were five years old, and those who really haven’t given it much thought but now suddenly have a lot of decisions to make. Whether you’re a master procrastinator or just simply don’t know where to start, wedding packages are an easy way to dip your toe into the planning world without feeling overwhelmed. While a package does make life simpler, there is a lot of variation and options to consider. From the small intimate affairs to the large extended gatherings, there’s a package out there for everyone. Here are some tips on how to find the right fit with a wedding package that works for you, wherever you fall on the wedding planning spectrum.

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Packages for Weddings of All Sizes

No matter how small or large the wedding is, there are still a ton of details to manage, vendors to call, and questions to ask. Know that you have options to make it as DIY or as all-inclusive as you need.

Venue Only

If you are ready to tackle your wedding and all the details yourself, you may want to look for a bare-bones package that offers just the venue itself. If you’re working with a small wedding guest list of 75 or less, you’ll still have a lot of options to accommodate all of your guests. When selecting vendors, make sure you consider a caterer, flower vendor, DJ or live band, photographer, and account for serving alcohol. In many instances your venue can also provide all of these components through trusted vendor relationships and are familiar with their space. For any passionate DIY planner wanting to control all their own details, make sure you shop around on Etsy or other popular bespoke craft sites to find the perfect ceremony archway and table setting decorations. Venue-only packages are a nice flexible option since you can scale the experience up or down, to your liking. You’re not limited to using only venue-supported vendors, which means you can mix and match options in a way that is uniquely you. Smaller guest lists mean that all the details are still on the manageable side, which means you can let a unique setting shine through without having to worry about a lot of logistical details. Venue-only packages can offer interesting experiences with lighting, technology, and space that you may not have access to with other options. 

For larger parties of say 175 or more, you are starting to edge into needing more from a venue space and what a place can accommodate with respect to a fully stocked kitchen for catering and bar options. If you are securing the venue only and taking everything else into your own hands, you may want to at the very minimum hire an event planner for your big day to help ensure all of your carefully planned details unfold throughout the day exactly as you planned.

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Another option is to consider a foundational package of venue and preferred caterer. From there, you can still add your personal touch with decor, flowers, music, and your signature cocktail. Some may prefer working with multiple vendors to piece together the perfect wedding experience, like ordering wine from a favorite winery, and leaving the rest of the details to the onsite caterer who knows how the venue operates and what works well. The ideal scenario is to let the venue and caterer handle the logistics and work within the on-site kitchen for all your catering needs.

Once you have the venue and the food figured out, then you can take on some of the arguably more “fun” tasks, like lighting design, configuration of your space, decor, and music.

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If all of this is sounding to be too much work and coordination to handle on your own, ask your selected venue if they provide more all-inclusive packages. For the couple that prefers to be guided through the process of creating that perfect day, having the option to choose from an all-inclusive list of vendors, decor, and all the details, makes a world of difference. Often included in all-inclusive packages are wedding event planners who will help you with all of the details leading up to, and on the day of your wedding. Packages like this will help you craft a fully realized vision including options for table settings, chair placements, pergolas, and other interesting seating nooks for intimate moments. You won’t need to keep track of individual vendors for flowers, food, photography, and drinks – you can spend your time focused on the details like wedding color themes, picking from a pre-chosen signature cocktail menu, or choosing decor from a menu of party options. Don’t forget to light up the night with exquisite lighting design options that are often also included in your all-inclusive package.

Of course, when it comes to your guests’ comfort, there are other details to work out as well. Your wedding planner will help you book the most convenient hotel block for traveling attendees and full-service valet parking can be available on the day of if the venue supports that service.

Something Just Right

If you know a venue can accommodate anything ranging from a small guest list to 200+ guests, you may be wondering where does that leave everything in between? For something in between, you may need a venue that can be configured to allow for multiple spaces to be grouped together to allow for a specific type of experience. If you combine a custom configured room, with all of the other wedding options of tables, linens, decor, music, and fancy fair, you might enjoy one of the many customizable and flexible venues that a place like MEET Las Vegas offers.

Final Touches

Now that you have an idea of the wedding packages to consider, check out MEET Las Vegas as a potential venue located in downtown Las Vegas. Book your tour today by emailing [email protected] or call (702) 734-6338.

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