Eye Catching Event Flyers

By September 13, 2018

Spreading the word about your event is important to its success. No matter how big or small, marketing your occasion is what gets potential attendees interested and talking. So, how do you know what type of marketing flyers will be successful for promotion? Here are the top ideas to consider when creating your event flyer.

  1. Color– Color can affect mood and perception. Using bright, neon colors can make for an eye-catching, fun design that will get people to notice your flyer. Most bright flyers can be found in the summer or spring time. In addition, using colors like black and white lets the guests know that a more elegant event is being held.
  2. Font– Remember that some font choices can negatively impact your flyer. If your event is more of a light-hearted event, use a creative font that mirrors the event name to reinforce branding. If it is of a more serious nature, using cursive or standard fonts will be more appropriate.
  3. Image– Use an image that will make prospective attendees look twice. By having an interesting graphic or image on your flyer, the potential guest will be more likely to fully read the flyer.

Need more inspiration? Check out the Event Manager Blog for 100 inspiring ideas on event flyer designs. Have you created a flyer for a recent event? Share your tips and tricks in the comment section below for maximum event attendees.