Event Planning Habits to Break Today

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We all know the qualities that make an event planner the best at what they do: attention to detail, engaging personality, and great time management; just to name a few.  Inevitably though there are a few bad habits thrown in as well. Have no fear though! There are simple things you can start doing TODAY to bring your event planning and coordinating efforts to the next level:
  • Don’t leave Wi-Fi to your venue: Not all wi-fi systems are created equal. It’s always safe to have a back-up option in case the venue’s wi-fi is deemed subpar during the event.
  • Don’t use a paper list to check-in guests: Come on guys-it’s 2014! Get with the times and utilize the technology you have at your fingertips to make checking-in a much more efficient process.
  • Don’t Print Your Event Guide: Think of all the trees you can save if you stop printing your entire event guide. Making this accessible via an app or digital version will be much more appreciated and timely.

Read the entire article from Event Managerfor more equally awesome tips you should take into consideration. Have you broken an old habit lately that has lead to improved efficiency at your events? We want to hear about it!

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