Event Lessons to Learn From the Super Bowl

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The Super Bowl is one of the largest sports event in the United States and whether you were rooting for the Broncos or the Eagles this past Sunday, Super Bowl XLVIII taught us about much more than football. An article from the Trade Show News Network outlines some major event marketing tools the Super Bowl utilizes that others should learn from.
  1. Reach a larger audience: As with any event, you should not aim to engage only the attendees that are present. Also seek to engage others remotely via technology that cannot attend in person
  2. Encourage attendee participation: Doritos upped the ante with their marketing by asking fans to create their own Super Bowl commercials for a shot at a hefty prize. Engage your event attendees to participate in creative ways such as contests or social sharing.
  3. Social media: More and more advertisers are incorporating social handles and hashtags in their Super Bowl ads to keep people talking well after the ad has aired. Using social media and hashtags at events is proven to be a successful way to place more eyes on your event. 
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The Super Bowl is not just about football anymore. It is the epitome of large scale corporate event planning and marketing that can serve as a guide and barometer of current event trends if you know what to look for.

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