Event Ideas: First Impressions Before the Event

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First impressions are always important. Eye contact, a firm handshake and a positive attitude are all recipes for a great first impression. However, when it comes to an event, the first (and last) impression often happens with the parking lot. So how can a planner wow the attendees to kick start a positive impression?
BizBash recently visited this issue, and included seven great ideas to improve the guest parking experience. Here’s a look at their suggestions.

  • Dress the valet staff to match the event experience.  Changing the valet uniforms from the usual to a more modern on-brand outfit can impress guests and set the tone for the event.
  • Offer guests drinks to match the season while they’re waiting for their vehicle. When it’s cooler, offer a hot drink like hot chocolate. When it’s warmer, go with a refreshing beverage like lemonade.
  • Do something to brand the experience with the event. Plan something with the brand partner to make the experience unique and memorable for attendees.
  • Provide the guests with gifts in their cars. As attendees are leaving, a small gift will give them something tangible to take with them, creating a lasting impression.


What other ideas would you suggest to make a great first impression at an event?

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