Essential Event Design Elements

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Incorporating décor into your event has the ability to upgrade up any occasion. When done correctly, the elements at your venue can have a lasting impact on attendees. Event design is considered an art these days, and the following are 4 essential elements every event professional should know.

  1. Space– Your venue is your canvas and should be presented in a way to show its maximum potential. When planning the layout of the space, try to put yourself into the attendee’s shoes. Think of aspects such as furniture spacing and availability, food tables, and registration space.
  2. Light– What is the theme of your event and what time of day is the event being held at? If you’re hosting a night event, you’ll want to consider things such as uplighters and spotlights to bring some life back into your space. If you’re event is being held during the day, consider opening up windows or doors to let in natural light.
  3. Color– Another way to set the mood is with the color palette you select. Colors like blue and green stimulate attendee learning while colors like hot pink and orange create creativity and inspiration. How do you want your attendees to feel while they’re at your event?
  4. Plants- Greenery and other various plants are mood boosters! Reduce stress and improve concentration by adding a few green centerpieces to the tables or by hanging them around the event space.

For more great tips to help with your event design check out this great post on the Event Brite Blog. What is the most crucial event design element in your opinion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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