Engaging Attendees with Video Promotion

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Internet video traffic will be 70% of all global consumer internet traffic in 2017 according to WordStream. With this statistic in mind, engaging your potential attendees via an online video is a smart way to promote your next event.  After all, if a picture is worth a thousand words-a great video is priceless!

Eventbrite has six tips to engage individuals with video promotion.

  1. Know the Audience– The video needs to be well targeted, relevant and enjoyable. Focus on what would appeal best to the potential attendees of your event.
  2. Video Length– If your audience ranges between 35-54 years of age you should plan for a video that hits the 30 seconds mark. If you’re wanting to advertise to millennials, about 10 seconds is all you’ll need.
  3. Silent Viewings– Your video should still be understandable, even with the volume off. Capturing audience attention within the first few seconds is key to success.
  4. CTA– If you’re goal is to get people to your event, end the video with a strong call to action so that viewers know what it is you want of them.
  5. Upload Directly– Upload your video directly to individual social media platforms. Videos uploaded directly end up achieving maximum reach and engagement.
  6. Facebook– Use Facebook to build your audience. You can promote your video on Facebook at a cost-efficient price.

Have you used an online video to promote your events? Let us know how it worked for your event marketing strategy in the comments section below.


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