Encouraging More Interactive Events

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It can be difficult to get event attendees to interact. With the influence of mobile devices, their time is split up between figuring out the event app, listening to speakers and more. How can a planner create a more interactive experience for attendees?
MeetingsNet.com mentions seven great ideas to help kick start event interaction. Their ideas include:

  • Incorporate inspiring quotes and photos into the venue. Leave them around the area for attendees to browse on their own.
  • Book speakers that aren’t experts in the meeting content. Go out on a limb and invite these speakers to tie their experiences back in to the topic of your meeting.
  • Think outside of the box when booking a venue. Instead of reserving a conference center, hold the meeting in a park, at the beach or another location.


These ideas are a great way to think about boosting interaction with event attendees. What other ideas can spark attendee interaction?

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