Empowering the Events Team

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Building a successful event isn’t possible without a great team. Planners play a huge part in making sure team members continue to develop their individual skills while obtaining common goals. How can a planner empower their team members to reach their potential?
A recent article from BizBash provides 10 tips to empower the events team. They include:
  • Trust your team members. Hand over tasks that you’re responsible for to your team. You’ll not only lighten the personal load, but also show your team that you trust them with larger tasks.
  • Step away from micromanaging. Allow team members enough flexibility to really wow you with their ideas. Constantly looking over their shoulder will more than likely stifle their creativity.
  • Give thanks to your team. Show them genuine appreciation for their contributions by saying thank you. This can include taking them out to lunch or writing a personalized letter.


How do you empower your events team?

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