Emoji Madness

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Emojis have become an iconic symbol to show emotion through social media, emails and texting. Incorporating these fun, universally recognized symbols into your event can be an easy way to build engagement.  How do you take these virtual, yellow faces and bring them to life? We have three ways to incorporate emojis into your event:

  1. Make a game out of it – Before the American Payroll Association’s annual conference this year, attendees were tasked with taking an emoji with them on adventures and sightseeing outings. The photos of their teams with the emoji will be showcased live on-site and the team who manages to get their emoji to the most locations will win a fun prize.
  2. Emoji themed food – For dessert one day, make an emoji in to a cookie or pastry. It could be a good conversation starter for attendees on what emoji they received.
  3. Use them for decorations – Flash them on the big screens or place them on tables for attendees to take photos with in front of a step and repeat.
BizBash has a few more ideas for incorporating emojis into an event. Do you have some more? Share them in the comments below. 

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