Drive-to Meetings an Easier, Less Expensive Alternative

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Destination meetings aren’t a solution for everything. What if a company doesn’t have the budget for air travel, or is only looking for a short-term solution? An excellent alternative is the drive-to meeting.


Drive-to meetings eliminate a hefty transportation budget. These meetings are usually held very close to a client’s office, so a plane ride isn’t necessary. If the meeting is close enough, you can also save on overnight accommodations as your client’s employees drive home instead of to a hotel after the meeting.

If you client isn’t comfortable with each employee driving their personal vehicles, recommend a travel alternative such as a bus service or carpooling. Not only will your client’s mind be at rest, it’s a great way to promote a green initiative.
Drive-to meetings are a smart alternative for clients looking to stay close to home. They also provide a great savings benefit compared to air travel, and an opportunity to promote green initiatives. If your client doesn’t want a destination meeting, suggest a drive-to meeting.

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