Discover New Event Speakers to Avoid Event Complacency

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It’s easy to become comfortable with a go-to list of event speakers. These speakers are easy to work with and do a consistent job of delivering their material. However, it’s important to discover new speakers to avoid becoming complacent.
Discovering new speakers for an event is an exciting challenge. There are several ways to help find new speakers. shares 10 tips for discovering new event speakers. Their tips include:
  • Attend industry events outside your city. This provides an easy opportunity to scout out potential speakers in a live setting.
  • Watch online and streaming videos. If the budget is too tight for travel, online and streaming options are a great way to research potential new speakers.
  • Source the audience. Ask them for speaker suggestions and research their ideas. It’s the audience that’s listening to the speaker in the first place.



These suggestions provide a great first step into discovering new event speakers. What other steps should planners consider when trying to find new event speakers?

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