Creative Conference Giveaway Ideas

By February 6, 2020

Conference attendees love freebies, but let’s face it – the last thing your guests want to walk out with is another pen or t-shirt. There are so many creative options for customizable gifts for attendees available in the market now. Take a look at a few conference swag ideas that we’ve seen conference attendees scoop up in a flash:

Portable charger

No one wants their phone dying at the event! Portable chargers are practical gifts for conference attendees.

Snack bags

Make logo stickers and place them on individual snack bags for a personalized treat to hand out to guests.

Reusable bags

It’s all about sustainability! Attendees will always be reminded of your event as they use your reusable bag to carry in groceries or even as a carry-on bag for their return flight home.

Moleskin notebook

Taking notes is an important part of many conferences, but no one wants a cheap spiral notebook. Spend a little extra on a moleskin notebook for a swag item that attendees will use during and after the conference.

Whether you’re handing out swag at an expo or at check in, the space at MEET Las Vegas will meet all of your needs. Contact us today!