Create Attendee Connections with Charging Lounges

By January 25, 2019

Charging lounges provide a comfortable space for your attendees to relax and charge their electronic devices. Strategically utilizing these lounges to encourage networking will keep attendees from twiddling their thumbs as they wait for their batteries to charge and enhance their event experience. Here are some fun ways to transform your charging lounge into an interactive networking environment:

  1. Refreshments – During a busy event your attendees will want to rehydrate and maybe get a boost of energy which can be solved by providing coffee, sugary treats, or smoothies in your lounge. Utilizing a mobile coffee bar is not only helpful to rejuvenate those sleepy attendees but just like coffee houses, it provides a casual place to meet others.
  2. Tech Furniture – Tech charging furniture is highly valuable as it gives attendees the opportunity to sit and chat with one another while they wait for their devices to juice up. Tech charging furniture has become quite trendy by evolving with more discrete outlet placements to look more stylish.
  3. Arcade Games – Establish connections between attendees by providing popular games such as Pac-Man and Air Hockey as interactive activities.  Attendees will gravitate toward this fun environment where they can be a kid again and ideally network with other attendees over other interests they shared from your event. This website will help you find arcade games rentals provided for special events.

Networking is always better in an interactive setting so creating this fun environment while your attendees wait patiently for their digital devices to be at 100% will give your event an edge!