Cool Themes for Winter Events

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With the temperatures dropping and the holidays around the corner, Social Tables has winter themes that any event professional can weave into events this season.  Here are a few ideas we know will bring out the magic of the winter season.

  1. Snow Day– Remind attendees of their childhood state of euphoria when they got to stay home from school because of inclement weather conditions. Serve soup and toasted sandwiches for lunch, and incorporate a hot chocolate bar for guests to enjoy. For decorations, cover your venue in white decor, sparkling ornaments, and twinkling lights.
  2. Holiday Picnic– If it’s not too cold, hold a holiday themed picnic outside. Set out heating lamps, rustic lanterns, and flannel blankets for guests to use. For food options, serve something hearty like chili or stew along with toasted bread.
  3. Worldwide Winter- Celebrate winter all around the world at your event! Choose food options from different countries so that guests can pick from the wide variety of culinary choices. Also, think about geographical location when planning decorations!

Are you planning a winter themed party this year? Let us know the theme you’re planning on using at your big event!


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