Conference Food Trends for 2015

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Conferences offer attendees unique experiences such as professional education and networking. As a planner, it’s important to keep attendees fueled throughout the day. One of the best ways to do this is by offering great meal and snack choices.
The International Association of Conference Centres released its Top 10 Conference Food Trends for 2015. These trends include:
1) Plan networking-friendly food breaks. These can include small breaks with food continuously served in a reception style, or a more substantive networking friendly dining reception.
2) Serve smaller desserts. Plan to serve smaller portions, or easy-to-grab foods such as cupcakes, cookies, and donuts.
3) Culinary team building is in. Offer attendees the opportunity to cook their food with someone to encourage engagement and networking opportunities.
These are a few of the latest food trends for conferences in 2015. What other trends have piqued your interest?

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