Characteristics of a Great Event Planner

By November 21, 2013
An event planner must be able to constantly change hats. They must address budget concerns, pick out the right venue for an event and much more. What exactly defines a great event planner? recently addressed four characteristics of a great event manager. These characteristics include:
  • Great organizational skills. The vast amount of details an event planner must keep track of requires a keen sense of organization and discipline.
  • Excellent handle on budgeting. Planners must understand where the money is being spent, and how to account for it.
  • Communication expertise. It’s important for event planners to have the ability to dictate directions effectively.
  • A head for customer service. An event planner must have a great personality and an ability to recognize how to engage people.

These characteristics are a great starting point for an event planner. What other characteristics define an excellent event planner?

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