Break the Ice

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Networking is one of the main reasons people attend events. How attendees interact and communicate with each other can be the key to a successful event. The Event Manager Blog has 20 ice breaker ideas to help you get attendees networking.  Here’s a closer look at five of our favorites:

1. Table Top Quiz-Provide trivia questions that correlate to your event’s theme. The questions will get the whole table interacting.

2. Business Card Collection– Before your event starts, remind attendees to bring their business cards. When they arrive onsite, make swapping business cards a game.  It’s a great way to make business connections while meeting new people.

3. Minute Games– These are fast and easy games that don’t require your attendees to get up and roam the room. A couple minute games include:

Desert Island – Ask what 3 items (or people) you would take to a desert island with you.

3 Questions – Same concept as the famous 21 questions, but you are only allowed to ask 3 questions instead.

Balloon Game-Place attendees at a table and give each person an inflated balloon. The goal of the game is to keep all the balloons in the air and off the table top for the given amount of time. The table with the most balloons left in the air will win.

4. Toilet Roll Challenge-Give each table a roll of toilet paper and tell them to take as much as they want. The amount of squares they rip off equals the number of things they have to share about themselves.

5. Contests-Give attendees a photo challenge using your event hashtag. The table with the most interaction on social media at the end of the event wins!

Breaking the ice at your event will allow for more interaction and networking among attendees. Let us know in the comments section below some of your favorite ways to break the ice.


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