Best Practices: Planning the Executive Retreat

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Executive retreats take place for several reasons. They can range from wanting to work on teambuilding, to mapping out the strategic future of the organization. What best practices does a planner need to consider when creating a successful executive retreat?
One of the first things a planner needs to do is clarify the objectives of the retreat. Asking questions is essential to avoid confusion. Does the group need to plan strategy for the upcoming year, or do they want to review and reward a successful quarter? Questions along these lines will help the planner determine what type of retreat is appropriate for the client.
Another best practice to consider is understanding the makeup of the group attending the retreat. A planner should ask about any special diets before finalizing a menu. It’s also important to gauge whether the group is made up strictly of executives or, if there is a mix of junior and senior level people. The needs for an executive group will differ from that of a mixed party.
Finally, it’s important for a planner to schedule a postmortem before the group leaves the destination. This will ensure that the group can gauge the success and effectiveness of the event before they return to a working schedule.
What other best practices should a planner follow when organizing an executive retreat?

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