Audience Engagement 101

By April 11, 2016 TAGS:    ,   
One of the big event trends emerging in 2016 is increased audience engagement. It can be hard to think of the perfect strategies to engage and involve your audience but not anymore! We have five tactics for you to utilize at your next event or meeting:
  1. Ask questions to the audience during a presentation. It could be a great tactic to have them tweet their answer to a question using your event hashtag.
  2. Have your speaker or entertainers go down to the crowd or bring an audience member onstage. Make your attendees a part of the show.
  3. Humor always lightens up any mood or meeting, so make sure the presenter has a few good jokes planned to get people laughing.
  4. Have the audience play a quick game to emphasize a point the speaker is making.
  5. If the audience is small enough, and there is enough time allotted, let attendees introduce themselves.


Business Communications has several more great ways to involve and engage an audience. Do you have any foolproof audience engagement strategies? Share them in the comments below. 

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