Attracting Sponsors for Your Next Event

By January 23, 2014 TAGS:    
When planning an event of large promotions, obtaining sponsors is an almost inescapable part of your to-do list. The first thing a potential sponsor will want to know is how the partnership will benefit them. A recent article from Arbritionprovides several great tips for attracting and retaining sponsors:
  • Do Your Research: When hunting for prospective sponsors, research what events companies have sponsored before and determine if their marketing goals line up with your own.
  • Entice Sponsors with Social Media: Create social media pages for your event and elaborate to sponsors how featuring their branding on the page will lead to more eyes on their company.
  • Build A Relationship: Always aim to retain a positive relationship with current sponsors. Achieve this by giving special attention to your sponsors during the event and asking for feedback afterwards.


Sponsors are a great way to take an event to the next level and following these tips can lead to a successful and beneficial relationship for all parties involved!

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