An After-Party How-To for Your Next Meeting

By August 9, 2018

After a long day of learning at your meeting, attendees need something to help them relax and unwind. Reward your guests with an after-party they won’t be able to stop talking about using our helpful tips:

  1. Theme- Pick an exciting theme that will make your guests want to stay for the duration of the party. Choosing a theme based off colors, the city or state where your meeting is being held, or something closely related to your meeting’s topic can help highlight your event during the after-party.
  2. Venue- The size of your audience is a critical factor in your venue selection for the after-party. Smaller events will need smaller venues so there isn’t excessive empty space for attendees to wander around. Also, consider a venue that can do up-lighting and has an AV system so that the mood of the after-party theme can be achieved.
  3. Catering-Be sure that you have food readily available for guests to munch on at the party. If you have an in-house caterer, have them prepare a buffet or a la carte meals your guests can enjoy while they unwind.

The Meetings Imagined blog has more ways on how to throw a great post-event after-party. Let us know what your favorite tips are in the comments section!

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