Addressing Attendee Dietary Concerns

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Food and beverage are traditional mainstays at events. Most events provide at least a refreshment table for their attendees to munch on. It’s up to you, as the event planner, to ensure that attendee food allergies are addressed. provides several tips to help you plan for and address food allergies in advance of your next event. These tips include:
  • Ask questions of your site and vendor selections about how they deal with food allergies. Confirm how they address food allergies or specific dietary concerns.
  • Communicate with both your attendees and the catering team. Include registration questions asking if attendees have any food allergies or dietary restrictions. Relay these answers to the catering team as soon as possible so they can plan accordingly.
  • Take advantage of seating apps and software. These technologies allow you to pinpoint guests quickly and efficiently, and label anyone that registered with food allergies.


These tips will help you plan for food allergies and dietary restrictions quickly and efficiently. How have you planned for food allergies at your events?

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