6 Ways to Amplify Your Brand at Your Next Event

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Hosting a successful event is the best feeling in the world. Nothing beats watching your guests mingle and have a good time, especially if you know it’s all helping to boost your brand.

But event branding is about more than putting up some posters and handing out some t-shirts with your corporate logo. You need to create an experience that starts on arrival, continues throughout the festivities, and lingers for weeks after the big night.

And with a little planning, you can do precisely that. Here’s how.

How to amplify your brand at your next event

There are plenty of subtle and ingenious ways to put your brand at the heart of any event. With careful planning and the right venue, you can create a unique experience that boosts your business. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Create a teaser trailer for your event

Teaser trailers aren’t just for blockbuster movies. A short, bite-sized video can help build excitement while putting your brand at the center of the upcoming event, especially since it plays so well on social media.

Your teaser trailer should include some kind of hook to get people interested. What’s the most exciting thing about your event? What will attendees experience if they show up? Are you planning a night of fun, or a chance to network and explore opportunities?

Offer people a tantalizing glimpse of your event’s USP, and make sure that your brand is visible. Keep it short so that people can watch the video when browsing their social media feeds – 5 to 10 seconds is plenty. If they like it, they’ll share the clip with their followers, offering you further brand exposure before your event even begins.

Give your attendees a grand entrance

Lamborghini parked outside MEET

First impressions matter. Before you start planning the layout of the event space, think about how you’ll make the most of the venue’s entrance. It’s here that guests get their first taste of your event, and the first glimpse of your branding, setting the tone for the rest of the evening.

You might use your venue’s entrance to kick things off with some live entertainment to get everyone in the mood. Or you could do something fun, like an Oscars-style red carpet complete with paparazzi. Even if you start with something a little more low key, like an informal meet-and-greet with hors d’oeuvres, make sure that your evening begins on the right foot. Set expectations for the event ahead, and make sure your brand is front and center.

Use your color palette inside and out

MEET Green Exterior Lighting 

Less is more when it comes to branding. Instead of leaning heavily on your logo, use a consistent color palette to tie each element of the event back to your brand. If you have a suitable venue, they should be able to enhance your brand colors with smart internal lighting.

A modern venue like MEET Las Vegas can help you go one step further, with sophisticated outdoor lighting that adapts to match your brand colors. People will be able to see your branded event from several blocks away – or even from planes passing overhead. 

Create a socially immersive event

Social immersion MEET Las VegasWe live in a fully interactive world, where all of your attendees will be snapping and tweeting throughout the show. Turn this to your advantage by incorporating social media posts into your event. You can do this in a room with the right technology, such as large display screens to show live social media streams.

Social media can become part of the event itself. For example, in a high-tech venue with smart screens, you can display live tweets and social posts from your attendees. If your event has a guest speaker, the audience can tweet questions to them on the big screen.

This approach amplifies your brand in two ways. First, it gets your attendees to engage with your social media presence during the event. Not only that, it also encourages your attendees to post about your event and your brand to their social media followers.

Find fun ways to distribute your swag

Swag is a tried and true way of getting your brand noticed. From simple stuff like pens and totes, to more desirable items like branded clothing and liquor, these free items are a great way of connecting with your audience. Plus, it gives them something tangible to take home – a memento of your amazing event.

Your distribution methods are almost as important as the swag itself. For example, you could get into the Las Vegas spirit by setting up a roulette wheel and giving people a chance to win something cool. Make a scavenger hunt around the event with collectible prizes, or give prizes to the best tweet that use the event’s hashtag.

Set up a professional photo booth

Photo booth at MEET

Every event needs a photo booth where attendees can take shareable selfies, surrounded by your branding. Take things up a notch by hiring a professional photographer to capture everyone looking their absolute best. Your guests will love the chance to strike a pose, and they’ll be impressed if the photos look great.

Hiring a pro can be expensive, but it pays dividends in the long run. If your guests look good in their photo, they are far more likely to share them on social media, helping you to amplify your brand further. If the images are really great, guests might even use them as their profile pics.

Livestream your event

Livestreaming is a great way to share the event with people who can’t make it to the venue. Thanks to platforms like YouTube Live and Twitch, it’s easy to share live video with a wider audience. There are also premium services that will allow you to create a Pay-Per-View event stream, increasing your revenue flow.

The great thing about livestreaming is that you can repurpose the video into high-value content after the event. Use it as website content, as part of your marketing pack, or as free content in lead generation campaigns. 

A critical note about live-streaming: you need excellent connectivity throughout your venue. Bad Wi-Fi means a choppy video feed, which could lead to your viewers switching off in droves. Talk to the venue about connectivity options throughout the event area.

After the event

You’ve provided your guests with an awesome night out. Now, you need to build on that goodwill and ensure they stay connected with your brand. Make a post-party checklist with the following items:

  • Encourage people to share their experiences on social media, and retweet these posts on your own feed.
  • Share lots of videos, photographs and testimonials from the event.
  • Gather event feedback and incorporate this into future event planning.
  • Offer early bird tickets to attendees for next year’s event.

Remember, it’s all about the experience. Subtle, creative event branding will ensure that attendees always associate your brand with an electrifying night out.