6 Tips for a Perfect Summer Wedding

By July 10, 2019

It’s officially summer wedding season! Flowers are blooming, sunny days are longer, and bright colors are everywhere. There’s simply no better time to tie the knot which is why the summer is always a busy wedding season. We’ve put together our best tried and true tips to make the day go as smoothly as possible for your bride:

1. Provide heat relief for guests

Try and keep guests as comfortable as possible during the ceremony and reception. One idea is printing the wedding program on a personal fan so guests can keep themselves cool during the ceremony. Don’t forget to have water stations as well, because guests need to stay hydrated throughout the day.

2. Re-think the time of the wedding

The hottest time of day is midday and in the Las Vegas desert it gets hotter than most. Consider having a late afternoon or evening wedding—the lighting will still be great for photos and nothing says romance like a dreamy sunset backdrop!

3. Choose the flowers carefully

Certain types of flowers wilt in high temperatures, which would not make for a happy bride. Tropical blooms like calla lilies and orchids tend to hold up better in warmer weather.

4. Offer refreshing drink options

There are so many refreshing drink options in the summer—iced tea, lemonade, frozen drinks, mojitos, and sangria are just a few ideas. You could even consider having a custom cocktail that ties in directly to your bride’s wedding theme.

5. Keep the menu to lighter fare

Think: grilled fish, fresh salads, gazpacho, and sorbet. No one wants a heavy meal when its 90 degrees outside! Communicate clearly with your caterer to ensure you’re both on the same page.

6. Always have a backup plan

Summer is notorious for pop-up storms. Even if the forecast calls for sunshine all day, make sure there’s a backup plan just in case the weather takes a down turn. Check with the venue to see if renting a large tent is an option, which would provide plenty of cover to keep the wedding party and guests out of the elements. Here at MEET we provide the flexibility to host an invite that utilizes both our indoor and outdoor spaces AND tenting your outdoor space is no issue either.

Are you coordinating a summer wedding this season? Comment below if you have any additional tips.